Inspired Week

by Heather on July 31, 2014

Inspired Week ||

Messy Motherhood…man oh man has it been a messy week for me. The kind that makes me wonder how on earth God thought trusting me with such an awesome child was a good idea. So thankful for simple reminders from my favorite bloggers!


Sort of in that same vein, I loved this piece from Heather on doing it all and how it always looks different for everyone. Another simple reminder that I needed big time this week.


This new-to-me blog is just so entertaining to me! I love this gal’s perspective and candidness!


Not that I could ever afford anything from this shop, but I can’t stop looking at it! Have you ever seen such gorgeous photos?!


I am absolutely head-over-heels for this Irish linen shop. We’re reworking the look of our house, and when we finally get that settled you better believe some of these pieces will be making an appearance!


Inventive + cheaper ways to learn a new language? I’m ALL IN you guys!


Some great tips for eating healthy on a budget – Lord knows I need to memorize these!


The writing. The photos. The recipes. It’s all just so stunning!


Apricots + raspberries in an oat crust. I want to lick the screen.


Blueberry buttermilk rosemary brown butter cake. I know it sounds silly, but I usually skip over recipes with long titles…but I couldn’t pass this one up!


Great branding you can smell from a mile away…Marie always has great advice (and hilarious videos!)

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