Indulge Me

by Heather on March 21, 2012

Morning everyone :)

So wow, the past few weeks have been CRAZY, right?  I mean, having a kiddo is kind of life-changing (understatement of the century).  As crazy, sleep-deprived, and exciting as the past two weeks have been they’ve been 2 of the best weeks of my entire life.


I’ve learned that there’s no end to the amount of love a mom can have for her sweet baby – as Weston’s doctor said today, you know it’s love when they can pee on you, poop on you, and vomit on you all in the same hour and you still love them the same.


I’ve learned again how much I love having our families around us, holding and snuggling Weston and otherwise just letting us get used to this whole being parents thing.


And most of all I’ve learned again what I already knew – my husband is seriously the best, most incredible man alive.  He’s been so loving, supportive, and helpful with Weston.  He’s an amazing father!  When his paternity leave is over shortly I’m going to be so lost…

Which is why I’m going to say this:  indulge me just another day to spend with our new little family while I still can.  I miss writing, I miss blogging, and I miss posting/cooking recipes, but not as much as I’m going to miss Nate when he has to go back to work.  I miss commenting and reading and being inspired by all of you, but I need one more day before jumping back in a little bit!


I love you guys and am so blessed by all of your comments and encouragement!

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