How to Dry Fruit Without a Dehydrator

by Heather on July 17, 2012



I am so tired.  Tired from our trip to California.


Tired because I can’t seem to get to sleep at a decent hour these days.


Tired because I’m going 100% in my workouts and my body is exhausted.


Tired because I haven’t taken the time to just sit, alone with God, and pray and LISTEN to him.  There’s nothing wrong per se, I just feel spiritually exhausted in that I’m not giving myself the time to just rest in his loving arms.

That being said, this is going to be a short post but a good one for anyone who:

  1. Doesn’t have a dehydrator but loves dried fruit;
  2. Doesn’t want to spend money on a dehydrator or dried fruit;
  3. Wants to know exactly how their food is processed;
  4. Thinks it’s really cool to make fun things like dried lemons in their oven;
  5. Needs to just rest in the fact that the oven can do all the work except the cutting.

Just to note:  I’ve made lemons (great for steeping in hot water or even just putting in a glass of iced tea), apples, apricots and pears.  The cooking time for each varies based on how thick the fruit is sliced and the water content; the apricots were just halved and they have a really high water content so I left them in the oven overnight and woke up to perfectly chewy sweet morsels.  But if you’re looking for something quick, thinly-sliced apples and/or pears are the way to go!  Just let your imagination (and your oven) run wild!

Since this isn’t a exactly a recipe, here’s what you need to do:

  • Preheat your oven to 150-185 degrees (I have a convection option on mine which I love and recommend using if you have it.  If not it will still work just fine with a regular oven).
  • Place an oven-safe rack on a baking sheet.
  • Slice your fruit about 1/8-inch thin if you can; a mandolin would be ideal but I don’t have one so I just (carefully) used a sharp knife.
  • Lay the fruit slices on the baking sheet and place in the oven for anywhere from 4-12 hours (again, depending on thickness and water content).  For me the apples/pears took 4-5 hours, the lemons took 7-8 and the apricots took about 12.
  • Let cool and enjoy!

Just have to say I love you guys.  The end :)

**Edited to add this fun link of how to use the lemons!**

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