How to DIY: Personalized Yarn Wreath

by Heather on December 3, 2012

I feel so fancy these days.

How to DIY: Personalized Yarn Wreath Here’s the thing:  I’m so not a fancy person.  I like super casual clothes and am pretty laid-back (see also: sloppy) in most areas of my life.

Forget the yoga pants – I’m the mom that runs around in running shorts and my husband’s old Texas Tech intramural sports T-shirts.  I feel like yoga pants you can at least dress up; there’s no hope for running shorts and T-shirts that are truly 2-3 sizes too big for me.

We live in a rental house and, regardless of how nice it is and how great the neighborhood is, it’s not OUR house.  There’s really no room for personalization via paint and built-in shelving and such.  So the fanciness factor is kind of low here too.

BUT I made my own yarn wreath.  And therefore the fanciness has recently skyrocketed.  Who knew that $15 worth of crafting supplies and a few hours of my time could make me feel so…I don’t know…boho chic?!

How to DIY: Personalized Yarn Wreath

I got everything I needed for this at WalMart, and the things I already had (like a hot glue gun) are really not that pricey if you don’t have them.  Here’s what it took:

  • 1 hay wreath (mine is about 18 inches in diameter-ish) ~$3.00
  • 1 spool of yarn (is spool a word for yarn?) in an awesome mustard yellow – pick your favorite color though! ~$2.50
  • 1 letter ‘D’ for Disarro ~$2.00
  • Paint for the ‘D’ ~$1.50
  • Felt squares (around 12 or so at $0.25 apiece) ~$3.00
  • Hot glue gun + glue (I already had these so I’m not sure how much it cost)
  • GRAND TOTAL: $12.00

I can’t say that I made this totally on my own genius; in fact I got most of the directions here.  The great thing is that the wreath can be holiday-themed or just something that you’ll have hanging in your house year-round.  I chose the year-round option since I really don’t feel like finding more storage for more holiday decorations, but I think it would be really fun to one day make a great big Christmas one with holly leaves and little red felt flowers!


Here’s what I did:

  • Like the tutorial said, leave the plastic on the yarn wreath. I used Scotch tape to hold the yarn in place and I would go around the wreath about 3 times, then go back over that yarn 3 times to make sure all of the plastic was covered.  Tie it off when you’re done wrapping.
  • For the letter I just put it on a piece of plastic and dabbed paint on it with a paper towel to get the texture.  You could just finger paint it on, use a brush, whatever you want!  Let it dry completely before attaching it to your wreath.
  • For the roses I followed the tutorial exactly, using a bowl to measure out the circles for the larger flowers and a coaster to measure out the circles for the smaller ones.  This is what took the longest, but I liked it because it just felt (FELT – get it?! HA.) therapeutic.  Definitely something you can do mindlessly in front of a great chick flick.
  • Attach everything using hot glue and let it dry before hanging it up!

How to DIY: Personalized Yarn Wreath from

I’m being honest when I say I feel fancy making this, but I have to admit that I really love how it turned out!


What about you guys?  Any fun crafts lately?  Feel free to link up in the comments so that I can check it out & Pin it!

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