Homemade Naan

by Heather on July 13, 2011

I know I’ve waxed poetic in the past about how making bread is SO FUN and I just love doing it.

That being said it also scares the bejeezus out of me.  I mean, most homemade breads need time to let the dough grow (scary!) and then you have to knead it and then you have to bake it and then I realize I live at high altitude and therefore all bread is going to be slightly different than the recipe.  It’s exhausting, and I tend to have minor freak-outs whenever I decide that it’s time to bust into the bread-making scene again.


One would wonder, as I’m sure Nate does, why in the world I make bread then.


Because it’s FUN darnit!

Also I have a confession to make.  I read a lot of really great blogs and find myself saying almost every time that I can’t wait to try something and then promptly bookmarking said recipe.  And then it takes me for-e-ver to get around to making it.  For this I am sorry…I really do want to make everything I see!  I think I might have tried once too…and then realized that making food also encompasses both buying and eating the food.  And there’s just not enough room in my tummy or my wallet for it all the time.  But a girl can dream, right?



So when, several months ago, I found this recipe on Tasty Kitchen for Homemade Naan I gasped from excitement – it doesn’t have yeast!  You can just use regular things you already have in your kitchen!  You get to char the bread over a burner!  What’s not to be excited about?


And let me tell you, this was killer.  I loved how soft and supple the bread is, and although I got a little char-happy it just added great flavor.

Homemade naan y’all, it’s where it’s at.

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