Homemade Almond Coffee Creamer

by Heather on August 27, 2012

Let me ask you this:  what better to post on a Monday morning than a recipe that allows you to drink more coffee?

That’s what I thought.  This really could not come at a more appropriate time if you ask me.  Weekends are awesome, great, beautiful and fantastic, but for some reason this past weekend I was just a big ol’ ball of stress.




No reason.  Everything was great, our house was clean, I was caught up on freelance projects and got to spend time with my two awesome guys…and yet I couldn’t shake the feeling of anxiety.  So I bawled like a baby, took a shower, got a haircut and drank some iced coffee with almond creamer.  And moved on.


Oh, and yes I got a TOTAL haircut – like chopped off about 4-5 inches of hair.  The way I saw it was this:  my hair had never been so long post-baby, but all I was doing was tossing it up in a bun after showers and never really fixing it.  I let it air-dry about 98% of the time (I have naturally curly hair) but at that length it was literally taking FOR-E-VER to dry.  So in an effort to finally start re-training myself to get ready for the day after showering, I chopped off my hair.


And I love it.  I can feel the wind on my back again, I have a cute little ponytail again, and the dead ends?  Adios!  Plus it’ll be perfect for an upcoming lake trip we have planned…one where I will literally be in or on the water as much as daylight allows, drinking up the sunshine and letting my heart just rest.  I can’t wait to share that trip with y’all soon!


But in the meantime, make this coffee creamer.  It’s awesome, easy, cheap and you can make it nonfat or full-fat, in just about whatever quantity you want.  Plus it’s good in hot chocolate.  But let’s be honest here:  chocolate + just about anything is going to be good.  You know I’m right 😉


  • 1 can (14.5 oz) sweetened condensed milk
  • 1 can (14.5 oz) regular milk (I just poured the sweetened condensed milk into a bowl, then measured the regular milk into the can.  The idea is to have equal parts sweetened condensed to regular milk)
  • 1/2 tsp almond extract (you can certainly use more, but almond is very strong and the 1/2 tsp was perfect for me)
  • stevia to sweeten (if it’s not sweet enough for you)

Pour everything into a bowl, whisk well to completely combine, and pour into a jar or cream dish.  Refrigerate when you’re not using.  It’s perfect in both hot and cold coffee, hot black tea (I swear!) or even adding a little bit to hot cocoa.

Now that I have 8 lbs less hair and am on a decaf coffee high I’m ready to start my week…and hope that yours is absolutely fantastic :)

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