Flourless Emergency Chocolate Mug Cake

by Heather on July 26, 2012

The emergency chocolate cake.  Kind of dry.  Kind of only good if you add chocolate chips.  Kind of overdone.


Until now.

I just feel the need to get this out in the open:  I love chocolate, but I’m not a chocoholic – it’s true.  But what that should really tell you (besides the fact that I’ve totally failed you guys in the chocolate arena) is that when I crave chocolate that means it’s GOTTOHAPPENRIGHTTHISVERYSECONDORIMAYJUSTDIE.  It’s a very serious thing when I crave chocolate – and therefore, the emergency chocolate cake is really saving my life.  Really.


My biggest complaint about said chocolate mug cake though is that the flour ALWAYS dries it out.  You know, besides the obvious fact that it’s being cooked in the microwave and all.  So I set out on a mission to throw a bunch of stuff in a mug to make a more moist chocolate mug cake, clearly upping the chances that I’ll OD on chocolate mug cake and run out of chocolate chips.


But that’s neither here nor there.


If you’re craving chocolate you should definitely spring for this – it’s rich and gooey and delicious.  It takes all of 3 minutes to make (including “baking” time) and is sure to quell that rabid desire for chocolate.  All I’m saying is I’m not responsible you go into a chocolate and sugar induced coma after making and eating like 50 of these.


  •  1/4 cup marshmallows
  • 2 Tbsp peanut butter
  • 2 Tbsp chocolate chips
  • 1 Tbsp cocoa powder
  • 1 Tbsp milk
  • 1 egg white

Mix everything together in a large mug.  Microwave for 1-2 minutes, stirring at the 30 second mark (helps mix in the marshmallows a bit more).  You want it to be a LITTLE bit moist in the middle still – that means it’s done but not overdone!  EAT!

Rabid chocolate lover’s cure?  CHECK!

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{ 25 comments… read them below or add one }

1 Tina @ Best Body Fitness July 26, 2012

And this is perfect timing since I need some emergency chocolate at this moment in time due to a lovely visitor that greeted me this morning. ;)

Oh sheesh. That’s showing up as your first comment. Good thing TMI does nothing to me. Haha!


2 Heather July 26, 2012

bahahaha! i mean, it’s real life – girls need chocolate sometimes! no biggie :)


3 Lauren at Keep It Sweet July 26, 2012

Well this is just dangerous!


4 shelly (cookies and cups) July 26, 2012

Doing it.


5 Christina @ Sweet Pea's Kitchen July 26, 2012

Oh man…2 minutes? I’m in trouble! ;)


6 stephanie July 26, 2012

I’m the same way!!!
I hardly ever like sweets. But when I want them, even the smallest craving, i need them right away. like RIGHTAWAY or someone will seriously get hurt.

And every time I give in to this little sweet craving, I immediately have to eat something super salty afterward to throw my life back in balance. Totally weird.


7 Heather July 26, 2012

sounds totally normal to me! i loooooooove salty stuff – gotta have that balance :)


8 Amanda @RunToTheFinish July 26, 2012

i’m drooling!!!


9 Julie H. July 26, 2012

I crave sweets pretty much all day long- yep it’s true- and it’s a problem but I’ll own it! :) I like the direction of this cake- I’m quite intrigued and am pretty sure I’m going to have to try it ASAP!


10 Spencer July 26, 2012

Looks really good. I will seriously have to try and make it one day.


11 Ashley July 27, 2012

Insane! The marshmallow + peanut butter addition sounds freaking fantastic!


12 Jessica July 27, 2012

it was yummy last night..


13 Heather @ Run Eat Play July 27, 2012

This looks awesome and easy – can’t wait to try it out!!


14 Laurie {Simply Scratch} July 28, 2012

This is genius!


15 Aggie July 28, 2012

I’m kind of the same way. And my chocolate must be paired with peanut butter. I’m kind of happy that I have every single ingredient for this mug cake – and I’ve never made a mug cake. When I do my kids are going to think I’m a total rock star :)


16 Colleen, The Smart Cookie Cook July 29, 2012

I have those cravings…at least on a daily basis! Thank you for creating such a divine mug cake for people like myself who need chocolate on a moment’s notice.


17 Lindsay @ Lindsay's List July 30, 2012

how did i not see this amazing thing last week?!?! A Monday night-watching the Olympics-relaxing from the day- project for me!!


18 Kammie @ Sensual Appeal August 11, 2012

Nice! This looks delicious and I totally feel ya on the chocolate cravings although I satisfy mine often enough to never actually get them to be super bad or intense haha


19 Betty September 14, 2012

Hummm… the promise of moist emergency chocolate cake sounds SO good, but unfortunately marshmallows aren’t as easy to get over here as in the USA… And I don’t really like them either. So, are they the actual key to the moistness? Or could I just leave them out?


20 Heather September 14, 2012

hi betty!

i wouldn’t say that they’re the KEY to moistness, but they certainly help. i don’t actually like marshmallows either, but i couldn’t taste them in here. if you were to make it another way there would need to be more sugar since the sweetness mostly comes from the marshmallows. is there a good equivalent where you live?

i’d love to find out if you tried something else and how it worked out!


21 Betty September 17, 2012

Well I started off with another (not flourless) chocolate emergency mug cake recipe that I had used before but that had been to dry as well.. but today I replaced the sugar with sweetened condensed milk and had some more egg than usually and it worked out fine. I think the sweetened condensed milk is one of those moisture-keeping ingredients that I’m going to experiment with further…


22 Nat February 1, 2013

I love this! Last summer, I found a chocolate mug cake recipe and wanted to make it, but I couldn’t find any flour, so I couldn’t make it :( but I found this and now I plan to make it, thank you :D


23 Nat March 25, 2013

I just tried this twice. Both with failure… :’( I must be doing something wrong! Most of the times it came out eggy…………… Too eggy…………….. Sigh


24 Heather March 25, 2013

Bummer :( I’m so sorry Nat…it sounds like there may be too much liquid in there if it’s turning out eggy; maybe reduce the milk a little bit? Or only add half the egg white?

I hope that helps!


25 Nat March 26, 2013

Thank you so much Heather! :D I just saw your comment and will try it very soon! I hope this works :)


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