by Heather on January 6, 2012

Five years ago I married the man of my dreams.  And I thought that I loved him then (and yes, I’ve been listening to that Brad Paisley song too much lately).

Marriage is one of those things that people always tell you about and you never believe them.  You’ll never be like that person, you’ll never struggle, you and your honey have got it going ON.  You’ve done the marriage counseling, you had all the “right” answers.  And the wedding?  Well, the wedding is amazing and fun and beautiful and everything you dreamed it would be.

One thing that stuck out from everything that people told us about marriage before we got married was that it was the most wonderful and the hardest thing they’ve ever done.  “It takes work,” they said.  “You have to learn how to fight,” we were told.


And I’m here to tell you that yes, they are in fact correct whenever they say those things.  Joining two people together to live life together, to always love and support one another, to be true and honest with one another, and to love unconditionally…that’s hard.

It’s also the best thing I’ve ever done with my life.  There have been major ups and downs (more ups though!), some tears, some frustration, and more love and laughter than I ever imagined for myself.  There have been vacations, stay-at-home snugglefests, fights, reconciliations, puppies, family, life, loss, and everything in between.


And through that all, through all 5 years of it so far, I’ve fallen more in love with my husband than I ever thought possible.  I never knew I could love this much, and I’m so thankful every single day for every moment that I’m blessed with in knowing and loving this man.

Nate, you are truly the most incredible man I’ve ever known.  I know I don’t always make it easy for you, but every breath I take I swear I love you more.  You are incredibly loving, kind, hilarious, smart, fun, spontaneous, encouraging, hard-working, a man of integrity, a man who leads, and above all a man who loves the Lord more than you love me.  Oh, and super hot too :)  I can’t wait to bring this baby boy into the world with you, see you as a father to our son (and puppies), and continue to be your wife always and forever.  You are so amazing, and I love you.





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