Family Friday

by Heather on June 29, 2012

An alternate title (thanks Lindsay for the alternate title shebang) could be “I’m Obsessed with Instagram” or “My Phone Takes Blurry Pictures.”  But I figure since it’s a Family Friday post that would probably be the best name :)

This week has been an interesting one, mainly because our little dude seems to be growing up so quickly in both physical size and personality.  He’s definitely going to be one stubborn little man!  He likes to do things his way at all times, which I always SAY means he’s taking after his dad, but deep down I know that comes mostly from me.  Just don’t tell Nate I admitted that though…


This week we had his 4-month check-up even though he’s technically only 3.5 months old.  We’ll get to the why behind that in a little bit, but the crazy news is that he’s grown 6 inches in body length since he was born!  HOLY TALL, call you imagine how big this little guy is going to be?  I’m going to be the shortest very very very soon.  I can’t even imagine.  He’s also weighing in at a little over 15 pounds, which actually surprised me since I thought for SURE he was 16+.  Regardless, he’s doubled his birth weight, another weird thing for me.  When did my little nugget grow up so fast?  I can’t even remember the past 4 months!

We were also given the OK by our awesome pediatrician to go ahead and start him on solids (i.e. rice cereal or baby food) whenever we feel ready.  Since he’s been watching us eat and she seemed to think it was a good idea, we went out and bought some rice cereal and gave him his first taste of solids on Wednesday night.  It was interesting – we first started feeding him in his Bumbo chair, which is a new addition, and he hated it.  Moved him onto his Boppy lounger and he thought solids were the greatest thing on God’s green earth.  SOOOOOO we’re working with him in the Bumbo to get him used to it before feeding him in it again.  I doubt it’ll take long for him to like it since he totally loves being Mr. Independent and sitting on his own, but we are going to make sure that we make food the most positive experience that we can for him.  I mean, he comes from a family of eaters – he has to enjoy it!


Other than that Wes is moving right along, learning new things every day and reaching new octaves in his screaming (both happy and angry) all the time.  I love the crazy noises he makes, and his newest favorite thing is playing peek-a-boo.  CUTEST SMILES EVER!  It’s just so much fun to watch him learning all the time…and sort of exhausting.  No wonder he requires so many naps!

So there’s some big news around these parts for me:  a few weeks ago I put in my notice at my old job that I would not be returning to work after my maternity leave was up!  I know, I know I’ve been holding out on you guys, but I wanted to make sure that everything was official and to let my wonderful co-workers know before they just found out on the blog (leaving was the reason his 4-month check-up was so early).  I can’t imagine what it would be like to leave Wes with a daycare (which would be fine if that was what we wanted to do), and am so thankful that I won’t have to find out!  I’m more than happy to answer any questions that anyone has on this decision, but suffice to say that I’m ecstatic!


It’s funny, yesterday was actually a pretty difficult day with Wes just being fussy, fighting naptimes and not wanting to nurse and I had to put him in his crib and take a few moments to just leave the room and breathe.  I had to remind myself that taking care of him is now my full-time job (and I DO mean FULL time) and that just like any other job there will be good days and hard days.  Yesterday was more on the difficult side of the spectrum, but despite that my love for him just continues to grow.  It’s pretty incredible and I feel so completely blessed to be in my new official role!


Happy weekend everyone!

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