Cooking Light to the Rescue

by Heather on August 28, 2012

I’m not afraid to admit this:  dinner around here can get kind of boring sometimes.

It’s true – this food blogger can easily get stuck in a rut with her meals.  Hey, I’m only human, right?


See by the end of my fun-filled days of playing with my adorable baby, working out and working I can either be tired or lazy or both…and so dinner suffers.  That, plus working with a budget at the grocery store can put a damper on things sometimes.  I know what we like, I know what things cost, and so we do the usual meals fairly consistently.


Enter Cooking Light‘s most recent issue that’s ALL ABOUT COOKING HEALTHY ON A BUDGET.  Can we say dream come true?  I knew the moment I pulled it out of the mailbox that I was going to be making pretty much every recipe in there, especially if last night’s dinner is any indication of the rest of the magazine.  And since I like to share recipes and everything with you guys – especially fail-proof ones that I really really love – I’m going to need you to go ahead and make this dinner ASAP.

Here’s the one thing though:  the recipe was for crab cakes, and my grocery store was OUT of fresh crab.  And in the spirit of laziness I wasn’t going to run around town searching for fresh crab meat, so I made them with salmon instead.  Here’s a little list of the few things I changed:

  • used salmon instead of crab;
  • used dill pickles instead of sweet pickles (I can’t stand sweet pickles…sorry!);
  • instead of following the directions I just chopped and mixed the veggies/spices/yogurt/mayo/mustard in the food processor and then folded it into the salmon and quinoa.  Worked like a charm and I cut down a lot of the work!

And even though I think you guys already know the verdict, they were delicious.  Would they have been better with crab?  Probably – it IS crab after all – but these were good enough to make both of us want seconds and for Nate to take the leftovers for lunch today.  That, my friends, in and of itself shows they were delicious.


Want the recipe?  Check it out here:  Cajun Crab and Quinoa Cakes

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