How to Make a Coconut Oil Latte

by Heather on March 27, 2014

Coconut Oil Latte || #dairyfree #coffee #latte

Coffee. You all, I’m sure, know by now that I love the stuff. Most mornings I drink it straight from our $15 Mr. Coffee brewer, but I love dopio espressos or a good French press as well. In the summers I crave iced coffee like there’s no tomorrow. Fun story: when we lived in Colorado I would be driving in the snow to work in a car with the seat warmers on, iced coffee in hand, and Jimmy Buffett blaring on the radio.


Too cool, right?


One of the biggest things I love about coffee is that it necessitates community. A lone cup is fun and relaxing, but drinking coffee with people we love is just so enjoyable. Like most things it’s always better when shared, you know? Nate and I are working hard on a really fun new thing that incorporates all of the things we love about coffee, and I am hoping to be able to share EVERY LITTLE DETAIL with you guys soon – but honestly I haven’t been this excited about a business venture in a long time!

Coconut Oil Latte || #dairyfree #coffee #latte

So now that I’ve officially teased you guys, even though I HATE when bloggers tease like that, I have to tell you that I am so stoked to share this recipe with you. A few weeks ago I shared this banana coconut muffin recipe and it was a big hit. I also shared that I’ve been adding coconut oil to my coffee and that seemed to be of huge intrigue – who knew, right?!


Honestly I can’t say that I came up with that one; my sweet friend Mandy mentioned that she tried stirring it into her coffee to mask the coconut flavor. I thought it sounded like a good enough idea to get more coconut oil into my diet, so the rest is history!


Here’s the thing though: the coconut oil slick on top of the coffee isn’t for everyone, and at times can be a bit off-putting for me. After some thinking I found a way to make a latte that has the creaminess and goodness of coconut oil, is naturally sweetened, and is completely dairy-free.


Coconut oil latte anyone? Tell you what – head on over and I’ll make ya one 😉

Coconut Oil Latte || #dairyfree #coffee #latte

Coconut Oil Latte


  • 12 ounces strong-brewed hot coffee
  • 1-3 teaspoons honey (I recommend sourcing this as locally as you can), or maple syrup if preferred
  • 1-2 tablespoons coconut oil


    A quick note: These measurements will vary based on your preferences, but you will want to use honey or maple syrup as a way to help emulsify the latte. I have not tried it with any artificial sweeteners, but I think the honey or maple syrup would be best in this recipe.
    Another quick note: I have an immersion blender that I use for this, but you could also do it in a food processor or blender. Just know that since the mixture is hot you will want to be VERY CAREFUL.
    For the latte:
  1. As a general rule I like to use 1 teaspoon of honey and 1 tablespoon coconut oil for my latte.
  2. Combine all ingredients in a cup and blend using a immersion blender until emulsified. Serve hot.

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