Body After Baby: Part 4

by Heather on May 23, 2012

Well here we are at almost 11 weeks postpartum and I feel like I’m just now starting to get in the swing of things in regards to a fitness routine.  I am hoping that it just continues to get easier to fit in great workouts and still be able to do all of the things around the house and on the blog that I’d like to do, but one of the biggest takeaways from mommyhood is to cut myself some slack and have a little grace.  I’m not going to have an incredibly flat bounce-a-quarter-off-of-it tummy for a long time, if ever, and that’s OK.  Because the little man that I’m watching sleep in the next room is pretty stinking AWESOME and I would gladly forfeit the ability to have flat abs just to have him around.


That being said the exercise part is pretty easy to look forward to and to make sure it happens.  The hard part?  Eating right.  For a while there I was sitting around eating whatever the heck I wanted and shedding pounds because of the fact that I had just had him and was breastfeeding.  And while I’m still breastfeeding, it’s important to not just try to rely on that fact as an excuse to eat whatever I want in whatever quantity I want.  The hardest thing for me is the portion control aspect – I always feel justified in having more than I need because I worked out or Wes just ate a ton or I’m planning on eating salad for dinner…whatever.  I’ve started to measure out my portions a little bit better and am hoping that helps me to get a grip on the reality of what a normal human should eat.


I mean having a baby kind of makes me a superhero and all, but that doesn’t mean I need a gallon of ice cream at a time.

Like I said, workouts have been great so far and I am really enjoying them.  Here’s what I did last week:


Monday:  C25K running plan for 25 minutes/walking (with stroller), 100 lunges

Tuesday:  2-mile hike + Salah Says workout (kills me every time!)

Wednesday:  C25K running plan for 30 minutes/walking (with stroller), 100 lunges

Thursday:  2-mile hike + this Pinterest workout

Friday:  C25K running plan for 30 minutes/walking (with stroller), 200 full squats

Saturday:  rest

Sunday:  rest


I’ve also been doing planks every time I’m playing on the floor with Weston, so although I’m not listing out a big formal abdominal training plan I am doing it daily and am working on good form in all of the other workouts, which is really what revs up the abs anyway.


Another thing that I’ve been counting as a workout is doing stuff around the house.  I know that’s not really hardcore, but hoisting a 13-15 lb baby around all day works everything, as does carrying laundry baskets up and down stairs, cleaning out cars, washing dogs and pretty much everything else I do.  I guess more than anything I’m just celebrating not sitting around all day.  And with massive piles of clothes to wash there’s no shortage of stairs to be climbed!

Overall I’m happy to be where I’m at and will just continue to work on the portion control a little more.  My main focus and concern is to keep up my milk supply for Wes, but will make sure to focus on good nutrient-rich foods and continually cutting out the things I don’t need.  And y’all?  Let’s just be clear here:  ice cream IS a need.  Just not a gallon :)

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