Blog Love: Root Beer Pulled Pork

by Heather on June 27, 2012

Well guys, it’s official.  It’s been literally like 4 days since I last showered.

I realize that’s pathetic on so many levels and proooooooobably the most pathetic part about it (besides the fact that I just publicly announced it on the WORLD WIDE WEB) is that it’s not for lack of time.


NO SIRREE.  The lack of showering?  Yeah it’s because I’m way too busy letting my crock pot cook all of our meals and obsessively watching the fire reports on TV.  And the Olympic trials.  And the pathetic – oh Lord it’s so pathetic – political commercials.


Hey, these are important things.  It also just so happens that our shower is located in the hottest part of the house and the TV is located in the coolest and, well, in the dead heat of summer when Colorado is hotter than Texas I’m going to go ahead and stay downstairs.


So here we have it:  the combination of laziness and heat means no showering for Heather and the fact that my husband just will have to hold his nose a bit longer.  At least until I can muster up the courage to walk upstairs, take a cold shower and lay under the fan.


I wish I had a reason as to why I just told you guys all this, but I really don’t.  BUT you should totally make this root beer pulled pork from the Girl Who Ate Everything.  It’s delicious and perfect for dinner any and every day of the week!

I’m telling you guys, crock pots are the shizz right now




and this recipe will rock your world




Plus it’s only 3 ingredients.




Make it happen!

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