5 Things I’ve Learned…From the Power Outage

by Heather on December 21, 2012

Power Outage 2012 I am still working on a few more serious “5 Things” posts, but yesterday our power went out and I found myself – HORROR OF HORRORS – disconnected from the world!  And you know what?


It was probably one of the most fun days we’ve had so far.  No TV, no distractions, no dangerous power outlets to explore (even though they’re covered anyway).  Wes and I had a great time walking and crawling and playing and cleaning and just generally enjoying the day, even if it was cold outside!


  1. I am online.  A LOT.  This really shouldn’t be a surprise considering that I’m a blogger/writer, but I was actually in shock at the amount of stuff I got done when I didn’t have the opportunity to just jump online instead of fold clothes, sweep, or wipe down our countertops.  I think disconnection could maybe even lead to productivity.  It’s a theory I’m testing…I’ll come back with the results at a later date 😉
  2. I am also in our fridge A LOT.  Again, that whole food blogging thing, but I was really surprised at how often I wanted to just open the fridge and figure out lunch or a snack or start dinner or maybe even just stand and look at it.  We had to keep it closed to keep everything cold as long as possible, so we ended up grabbing a baked potato from Wendy’s and a fruit cup + nuggets from Chick-fil-A as our lunches/snacks yesterday.  Tasty, but more expensive and less healthy than the yumminess that was just out of reach in our fridge!
  3. Having family nearby is SO NICE.  Granted if this had happened in Colorado we have amazing friends who would have let us stay with them as well, but it was really nice to go stay with Nate’s Mimom last night and know that we were warm and safe.  No power = no heat and yesterday/last night was the coldest one of the year here so far.  It would have been a frigid evening if we had stayed at our house!
  4. I still like having power.  I know this sounds silly, but we are seriously so very blessed to have power.  All of the things that we are so used to all require it – I ended up driving around town yesterday so that Wes could sleep in a warm place and I could charge my phone!  I feel kind of silly admitting that, but it’s life.  And I think y’all still might be my friends otherwise.
  5. Going without email and the constant Facebook rambles for a day was nice.  Going back to that whole being online a lot thing…it was so nice to disconnect.  I checked email and other social media stuff on my phone, but it was a lot less often and I was a lot less stressed.  Correlation?  I think so!

Have y’all ever had a power outage?  Let’s here the survival stories!

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