5 Things I’ve Learned…From Becoming a Mother

by Heather on November 29, 2012

Oh hey there ;)

Over the past few weeks I’ve really bee reflecting on different segments of my life and how much I’ve learned from each part.  It’s amazing how little I really knew when I was a high school kid, college student, recent college graduate and in my early 20′s!  Writing this all out seems to be the thing that solidifies the growth in my journey through life thus far, so over the next however many weeks I am going to share 5 things I’ve learned from different parts of my life with you guys.  At least til I run out anyway ;)  And I would LOVE if y’all would share your growth with me too!


This first post is about the biggest change in my life this past year:  becoming a mother to the cutest and sweetest little boy in the world.  Enjoy!

  1. Being a mom is HARD.  And I’ve also found and seen that moms are the hardest on themselves.  Nurse or bottle feed, co-sleeping or not, work or stay at home, the list goes on and on and on and on.  But you know what?  That child doesn’t care as long as you love them well.  And when you (or I) love them and do what’s right by our family?  That just means you’re doing a great job.  It’s never going to be easy, but the rewards are so so very worth it!
  2. My body is pretty awesome.  I look at the almost toddler that is learning to pull himself up on things and army-crawls all over the house and I just canNOT believe that he came out of me.  I grew him.  And then he came out and now he’s like a full-fledged boy!  So if I have a few extra pounds on my frame or my jeans still fit a little weird or I don’t have a 6-pack yet, that’s OK.  All I have to do is look at Wes and know that my body has already done something cooler than any workout or diet could ever provide.
  3. I can be pretty selfish.  Not really a fun thing to learn, but when I start letting go of things being about me the rewards are pretty awesome.  It means more laughs, more fun, and a lot less frustration.  So I guess you could say I’m thankful for the selfishness in a way because the letting go part is where I am finally learning to live.
  4. Dogs really do help train you to have kids.  Random, right?  When Nate and I adopted Bunker right after we got married everyone said that having a dog, especially a lab, would help train us to have kids one day.  While there are some things that are different (hello, it’s a dog not a baby), I can honestly say that they were right.  I look at our dogs now and know that not only are they turning into Weston’s best buds, but they helped us learn how to love and care for someone else.
  5. I’m waaaaaay more maternal than I ever thought I would be.  It was like a magical switch when that baby was born and now I can’t really imagine my life without Weston.  I tried last night, when I couldn’t sleep, to remember the times in college when I slept in til noon and actually had time to do laundry.  When I showered and put on makeup every day and thought that being a suit-wearing business woman was my calling in life.  And you know what?  I couldn’t remember that woman – how I felt, what I obsessed over, the minor panic attacks over having a paper due the next day.  I remember the actions but I don’t remember the thoughts and the feelings anymore – it was all another life ago.  And this life?  This life is so much richer and full of love and happiness than I ever thought possible!
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{ 14 comments… read them below or add one }

1 Sarah November 29, 2012

YES. #1 was particularly good for me to read today. I find myself stressing over parenting choices (the kind that don’t necessarily have a right or a wrong, but do have a “right for MY family” too often. I know it is a stress I put on myself, not something others put on me. I keep hearing that I am too hard on myself and I’m doing a good job, yet I continue to stress more than I should.


2 Heather November 30, 2012

I’ve found that I can’t read things like the boards on BabyCenter anymore because it’s hard enough to go through the challenges of motherhood without feeling like others will judge you because they’re so opinionated about what they do with their family! So much less stressful and so much more fun when you do what you know is right for you :)


3 Kelli H (Made in Sonoma) November 29, 2012

Number 4 melts my heart. I feel like that’s totally true. I really think Ryder is going to help prepare us for when we have a kid in the future. Sometimes on walks David and I just stare down at Ryder and laugh and smile about how he’s going to be such a great friend/big brother to our kid. It sounds so cheesy but I can’t wait for that. :)


4 Heather November 30, 2012

That sounds like me and Nate a few years ago :)


5 lindsay November 29, 2012

this is such a sweet pots. ANd so encouraging to us folk with no babies yet. I hope to be a mom like you Heather!


6 Heather November 30, 2012

Aw, thanks honey :) You’re going to be such a fantastic mom! I kind of can’t wait!


7 Urban Wife November 29, 2012

Super sweet! And what Lindsay said…thanks for the encouragement. ;)


8 Maria November 29, 2012

Ditto to what Lindsay said. I cannot wait to be a mom, but I am also scared to death! You definitely do not sugar-coat it, but you do make it sound like the most amazing job in the world! Oh and when I DO have a baby, I’m coming straight to you for advice and encouragement :)


9 Heather November 30, 2012

Don’t be scared! You’re going to be a great mom :) And don’t hesitate with questions!


10 Liz @ Tip Top Shape November 29, 2012

Oh man, as someone who had a paper due today I REALLY wish I could forget those feelings, lol. It’s really nice to hear how well you’re settling into motherhood :D


11 Heather November 30, 2012

HA! It’ll be gone soon enough – but enjoy it anyway!


12 Kristin November 29, 2012

Sweet post, Heather!!


13 KatyBug November 30, 2012

YES. To all of these…


14 Joy November 30, 2012

Number 4. Yes! I don’t have kids yet, but those first few months with our puppy (who is now 11 months old) were crazy – my schedule was based on him and I had to be very unselfish. I often find myself thinking that our dog is prepping us to be parents. Glad someone else thinks the same thing!


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