10 Months Old!!!

by Heather on January 8, 2013

Here we are at 10 months old and I scarcely know where to begin. I’m not even in shock that Weston has been here for 10 months already – I’m in shock that it’s only two months til he turns a full year.  If these past 10 months are any indication, the time is literally going to fly by!


With the recent influx of crazy toys we have our hands full with all sorts of songs and flashing lights and high-pitched electronic voices.  And Wes?  Yeah, his favorite toy is anything he can bang together to make noise – and the prerequisite for that is that it can’t actually be a baby toy.  DVD cases tend to be the favorite these days, but tomorrow’s a new day so we’ll see what my little man decides is cool then.  All I know is that in the below photo he’s chewing on a pot holder – point #4,598 for the non-toys.


This month has brought about big changes in so many areas of our life.  Sleep has changed, food has changed, nursing has changed, toys have changed, and the movement – oh the movement! – has completely changed. He’s not walking just yet, but he’s doing everything he can to get there.  With that, sadly, has come quite a few bumps and bruises, but we have our fingers crossed that we won’t have to hover over him for the rest of his life.


Although truth be told I will have to fight myself off from becoming a helicopter mom.  For real.


Anyway, he can pull himself up on anything and everything and he’s learning how to sit back down when he’s tired of standing or sees something else he wants to play with.  Crawling is still usually done on his tummy, but it’s so rare these days!


Another movement thing?  No more holding still for diaper changes.  You’d think we were pinching him the whole time with the way he squirms and shrieks and throws a tantrum when we flip him over a billion times to just fasten the sides!  This little man knows the world is just out there waiting to be discovered – no time for clean underwear!


On to food and nursing:  I’ll just come out and let everyone know that nursing has fallen by the wayside.  I can’t recall if I said that in a previous post, but Wes decided a few months ago that he didn’t want to nurse anymore.  It got to the point that it just wasn’t worth it to fight him for 30 minutes at a time to nurse; it was too stressful for me, hard on him, and my supply was dwindling so much that I finally just said we were done.  I don’t feel any different from a physical standpoint – since my supply was going down prior to this the transition was really smooth for me.  From an emotional standpoint though?  It was hard.  Hard to know I wasn’t going to be the one providing nutrition for him through milk and really hard to not have that sweet snuggly time with him anymore.  Luckily he’s also getting to the point that while he’s super independent, he always loves snuggling his momma.  I’ll take baby cuddles any time!


Wes has 3 meals a day and two snacks in addition to his liquid feedings, and we always try to get a good balance of protein, veggies and fruit, and some sort of complex carb in there.  I remember it was only a few months ago I was boasting in my boy’s love for vegetables, but now I have to hide them in smoothies to get him to eat his greens!  He’ll down fruit all day long though and chicken?  Forget it.  He’ll eat chicken and salmon all day long!


Finally sleep.  Oh sleep.  He’s definitely one of those babies who really needs to have a fairly consistent nap schedule to be able to sleep through the night.  When we had the power outages that totally threw him for a loop, so we’ve been slowly but surely getting back on track with his sleep schedule.  Two nights ago was a rough one (I think I slept 3 hours total?) but last night he slept all the way through – and is still sleeping!  I guess I felt like so many women talk about their kiddos sleeping through the night every night with such ease, and Wes has never been that baby.  I don’t mind it in general, but it’s taken me this long to just realize that every kiddo is different and while Wes may not be the perfect sleeper, he’s so laid back and fun-loving in everything else that it just doesn’t really matter!


These next few months are going to be insane and I am so very excited to see how much our little man grows even more, and how he’ll continue to just steal our hearts away every day.  When I wake up in the mornings before him I just miss him – it feels like I’m missing something when I’m not watching him explore this big new world!  We are so so very blessed!

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