Apple Snack Cake

by Heather on September 17, 2014

Apple Snack Cake ||

Y’all, this cake has created a MONSTER in our house. A cute, cuddly, I’ll-do-anything-for-a-piece-of-apple-cake monster that is, which of course is the cutest and sweetest of all monsters. This cake is subtly sweet with a mild cinnamon flavor that goes great any time of day – as a snack (as the name suggests), for breakfast or for dessert. My favorite pieces are the corners because it gets all caramelized and delicious.


As for the apple options, pick your favorite! I like my apples sweet but a little tangy, but I just adore Granny Smiths for baking. I think they keep this cake from being over-the-top sweet but still packed with apple flavor.


Want the recipe? Head on over to Great Day Farms!

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Open Your Bible

by Heather on September 15, 2014

Open Your Bible with

Y’all, I don’t know if you read through the study of Hosea with She Reads Truth, but I did – honestly the first time in a long time I’ve been really intentional with spending time in the word – and it kicked my tail in just the best way possible. Life has been a little more than nuts lately, but as Martin Luther said, “I have so much to do I shall spend the first three hours in prayer.”


While I can’t say I’m there yet (the part where I wake up 3 hours early to pray), I’ve tasted once again the sweetness that comes with cutting out the fluff and filling my life with God’s truth. There’s a hunger to be known so much in this world, and yet it’s so easy to forget that there’s One who is always with me (you, us) who knows every hair, every thought, every moment of our lives more intimately than we ourselves know. Not only that, he sees the depths of our hearts and loves us anyway. And that’s more than enough.


She Reads Truth is starting a new study today and I hope you guys will join in! The study is free, both on the site and on the app, and the worksheet resources are too! So if you’re wondering what the heck I’m doing, you can at least know this: I’m getting my heart and my mind into God’s word and letting the rest take care of itself.


Love you guys. Really. SO much,



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Inspired Week

September 12, 2014

You’re So Brave. My sweet friend Heather (what a great name, right…?!) writes about the brave choice to start working out of the home and leaving her sweet babies with a lovely nanny. This isn’t a working mom vs. stay-at-home-mom piece; it’s about making brave choices, whatever that means for your family. Love it.   […]

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35+ Summer Love Recipes

September 10, 2014

THE WEATHER IS CHANGING THE WEATHER IS CHANGING!!! You guys, I’m practically beside myself – the weather is COOLING OFF tomorrow (and for the foreseeable future) and I can hardly contain myself. That means that windows will be open, fresh air will be spilling in (ironic because we just – as in last night – […]

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Food Blogging Basics

September 8, 2014

Hey sweet friends! I’m so excited to be teaching a class with The Influence Network a week from today, and I would LOVE LOVE LOVE if you joined in the fun! Here’s the description:   Are you a blogger who loves to share recipes? Have you considered becoming a food blogger but are too intimidated […]

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Off to #AWBU!

September 5, 2014

I’m spending this weekend up in Northwest Arkansas with some amazing ladies (and a couple of gentlemen!) at the Arkansas Women Bloggers Conference! I said it last year (when I used the above photo for the first time…), but to date this has been my favorite conference. I’m actually speaking today, and then a few […]

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Inspired Week

September 4, 2014

Motherhood is a calling (and where your children rank). WOWZAH. Talk about convicting and encouraging all in one fell swoop. Mothers and not-yet-mothers alike need to read this and see it. It has single-handedly changed my perspective on life this week.   This honest post from Jessi on church planting. Y’all, it brought back so […]

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Seriously Delish…But Seriously (+ Cookbook Giveaway!)

September 3, 2014

This giveaway is now closed. The winner & runner up have been contacted. Thank you all for participating! Y’all, I don’t even know where to start with this. It feels like so long ago Jessica and I both started our blogs and somehow, some way, through the magical power of the internet met and became […]

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Seared Summer Squash & Heirloom Tomato Salad

September 2, 2014

This recipe was originally created for the Arkansas Farm Bureau. As summer winds to a close, the schools start back up and the weather starts to tease with a cooler breeze now and then, I can’t help but want to fast forward into the 70-degree days and cool nights of fall. And, who can turn […]

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Happy Labor Day

September 1, 2014

(photo by my father-in-law of Lake Almanor) Happy Labor Day dear friends! Here’s hoping that you’re spending the day relaxing, soaking in the last bits of summer and more than anything being present with your loved ones. I don’t tell you guys enough, but you all mean the world to me. And I love you […]

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