Inspired Week

by Heather on August 29, 2014

Lassen Volcanic National Park

When I heard my kids describe my marriage. Monica is rocking these family-oriented posts lately, and this one is no different! Because I think we all know how our own parents’ marriage(s) have created long-term effects (both positive and negative) on our own relationships…something to think about!


Thrive Moms announced their Fall Retreat and I instantly signed up. PLUS IT’S FREE!


This simple oat + pecan crisp from Pinch of Yum inspired by Shauna. Seriously gorgeous, seriously perfect.


Behind the scenes of a personal food photography shoot. Definitely shows the in-depth thought and creativity that we all go through to shoot pretty food! PLUS IT’S JUST SO PRETTY :)


Because God’s grace extends to the internet. Amen. Exactly what I needed to read and take heart in these days.


SEO for bloggers – the quick & dirty. A simple and easy read to figure out the SEO equation!


Relentless Pursuit

by Heather on August 27, 2014

Relentless Pursuit I mentioned it on Instagram yesterday, but it’s been a while since I’ve read along with the girls of She Reads Truth. Not on purpose, but after a big move and increased workloads and an increasingly energetic little man, taking time to really dig into God’s word has fallen by the wayside for me. And I’ve felt it. I’ve felt a distance, an emptiness, a need to spend time with the Lord, but in the moment it has been hard to commit.


But you know what? Despite the junk on my part, God is always there. He always has been. Softly, sweetly beckoning me to come closer to be with him, to throw aside my need for approval from this world and to seek only His glory. And even more so, he’s done it patiently, knowing that my heart desired Him but once again was lost.


I’m so thankful for a Lord who tenderly and relentlessly pursues me, even in the middle of my junk. Who cares enough to have chosen me. Who gave his only son for me (which, having a son myself, I can honestly say I would not do). I can’t wait to dig into scripture again with these girls, but even more so I can’t wait to dig into God’s word to be closer to HIM. To know him more. And to give him all the glory.




Toffee-Scented Banana Bread

August 26, 2014

Banana bread. It’s perfect for really any meal, any time. Breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, dessert, midnight snack. So really, according to that lineup, we should all have about one loaf of banana bread per day in order to meet a perfect meal requirement. Can I get an amen?! Really though – we go through […]

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Sausage, Leek & White Bean Soup

August 25, 2014

There is one glaring thing wrong with this post, and that is the small fact that I’m writing it on basically the HOTTEST day of the entire summer. On a day when I should be talking about ice cream or iced tea or a fresh salad…I’m going to tell you to make this hot soup. […]

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Inspired Week

August 22, 2014

I wasn’t sure what to lead with this week, but then I stumbled across this Instagram from Jami Nato and felt like she was talking straight to me instead of her newborn baby boy. Amen to all of it.   This post about growing old with yourself; all of it goes along with the need […]

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Roasted Eggplant & Fig Pizza

August 21, 2014

Y’ALL. Man alive, I didn’t realize just how much harder coming back from vacation with a toddler was from just going by myself! Because I’ve done a lot of freelance stuff lately I wanted to share some of those as we settle back into normal routines. I made this SUPER delicious pizza for my lovely […]

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Very Vanilla Angel Food Cake + Vanilla Crème Anglaise

August 19, 2014

So, I totally meant to post something yesterday but we were on vacation and, well…that means I took a vacation from work But today I just HAD to share this super amazing vanilla angel food cake recipe that I created for Arkansas Women Bloggers and my favorite brand, Great Day Farms! It’s basically summer on […]

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My Favorite Jewelry Pieces

August 15, 2014

This is going to be a simple one today guys, mainly because I’m really simple when it comes to accessorizing with jewelry. I like simple, basic pieces that will go with any/everything, and I really only like a few types of jewelry.   First up is earrings. These are really the only thing that change […]

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Inspired Week

August 14, 2014

These gorgeous Old California photos. I got the link from Joy the Baker and completely fell in love!   Give me gratitude or give me debt. One of the most well-written posts about gratitude ever, a punch in the gut if you will, and in the best way possible. In a world of kitchen renovations […]

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Cherry Pistachio Oatmeal

August 13, 2014

I’m a little disappointed with myself.   I did something I really shouldn’t have done that has now made me wish fall was HERE and NOW. I knew what I was doing when I did it…and I did it anyway.   You guys?   I watched You’ve Got Mail. And now all I want is […]

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