The Next Steps to Taming My Closet

by Heather on July 22, 2014

The Next Steps to Taming My Closet || First of all the well-bred Texan in me feels the need to apologize for our messy bed situation. I actually, right after I took this, bagged everything up and deep cleaned our entire room because looking at it through a camera lens kind of freaked me out. True story!


Last week I inched my way into this whole “dressing like a grown-up” thing and shared a little bit about my most recent StitchFix box. I talked about how my changing body from pregnancy and back again has made this whole wearing clothes thing hard for me. And I also mentioned that I’m a little fed up with my gym-rat wardrobe, which basically means I need to wear workout clothes to workout in, pajamas to sleep in, and real clothes the rest of the time.


Friday afternoon I sat back and realized that I had worked really hard to catch up on emails, posts, sponsored content and the like and decided to devote a little time to my closet. A few weeks ago I did an initial purge of all the stuff I haven’t worn in years, were out of style, fell into the sentimental-but-I’ll-never-wear-it-again category (with a few very important exceptions). I gave myself a few weeks to kind of figure out what I wear the most often, and then Friday I purged even more of the things I knew I didn’t love and knew I wouldn’t be wearing again. I think the thing that helped me was realizing that other people will be blessed much more by these items than I was. And you know what? When I dropped those clothes off at the donation center there was a very freeing feeling that came with it!


Now here’s the thing: I’m not getting rid of a bunch of stuff just to get a bunch more stuff. What I really want out of all of this is to have a very limited selection of clothes I love, that fit my timeless style, and that help me to feel more confident when I’m wearing them. On that note, Mary Beth wrote an amazing post about clothing and vanity and confidence – HIGHLY RECOMMEND. I don’t need clothes to make me confident in who I am, but I do want clothes that emphasize that. Knowing that the end goal is better and more Heather-esque outfits has been so freeing!


As of this moment I have exactly 38 articles of clothing (not counting underwear/bras/socks/shoes) and I’ve never felt more confident in my options. Just the knowledge that I really do like everything in my closet has made getting dressed not only easier, but more fun! There’s no more trying something on just to see if it changed shape to fit me, and then being disappointed when it didn’t. Also, fun fact: we’ve been in the South for just under 2 years and still the majority of my clothing is for winter. As time wears on I want to have more pieces that I can layer up or down depending on the season, but it’s just so nice to be at a place where it feels OK if I don’t have everything I want in a wardrobe right this second.


A couple of resources for anyone who’s wondering what it means to have a capsule wardrobe:

What do you guys think about the capsule wardrobe? And how do you feel about major purging your closet to prepare for a better wardrobe?


Cranberry Lime Loaf

by Heather on July 21, 2014

Cranberry Lime Loaf ||

Confession: I totally found a bag of fresh cranberries in the back of my freezer from last fall.


I KNOW. And I consider it nothing short of a miracle that they had escaped freezer burn and, in fact, looked just as gorgeous as the day I got them from the store! I’m all about cranberry sauce, but I think I was about to lose it on Thanksgiving goodness about 4 weeks before the actual holiday last year. Such is the life of a food blogger, but how lucky to have some of those little beauties during a bout of fall-esque weather last week!

Cranberry Lime Loaf ||

Did anyone else get to enjoy that by the way? I mean, I felt like I was in pure heaven with cool temperatures, intermittent rain, and the subsequent fort-building that happened in the midst of it all. We hadn’t built any forts or couch cushion tents up until last week, and you would have thought I had built a rocketship in our living room. My guy was one happy little man, and all the snuggles were pretty amazing.


So clearly I had to bake, right? Cooler weather just screams to have the oven turned on, turning basic ingredients into something magical. I absolutely adored this cranberry loaf, and I feel like the use of lime in lieu of the traditional orange made a huge difference in flavor! Summery and still with a hint of fall…I’ll take it!

Cranberry Lime Loaf ||

PLUS, can I just say, it totally reminded me of a sweeter version of a Cape Cod – my favorite cocktail. A little cranberry juice, a little vodka, a twist of lime + ice = refreshing and, well, a little potent sometimes. I only need one!


This bread, though, I only need one of too. One whole loaf. For my face. No sharing. Please and thank you!


Y’all enjoy!

Cranberry Lime Loaf ||

Click on over to the Great Day Farms site for this gorgeous recipe!


Dressing Like a Grown-Up + StitchFix

July 18, 2014

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July 16, 2014

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July 11, 2014

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